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This ultra-luxury Rwandan resort lets you get up close and personal with gorillas

Cushioned in the foothills of the breathtaking Virunga volcano range, One&Only Gorilla’s Nest is the ultimate ultra-luxury resort. Situated in Kinigi, northwest of Rwanda and just five minutes from Volcanoes National Park, the park is home to the highest number of mountain gorillas, five dormant volcanoes and is categorised as a rainforest because its montane ecosystem. And now nature-loving travel enthusiasts will be able to get up-close and personal with endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitat… [read more]

Former Nazi bunker to open as luxury hotel in Hamburg, Germany

The St. Pauli bunker on Feldstraße in Hamburg, Germany was one of two towers created by the Nazi’s for air defense during WWII. During the War, tens of thousands of Hamburg residents found protection against air raids. Constructed in only 300 days by over 1,000 forced laborers from concentration camps, the bunker was used during the War to launch anti-aircraft fire at allied planes. Reports show that during the bombardments on the city of Hamburg at times up to 30,000 people were sheltered in the bunker… [read more]

Hanoi’s Instagram-famous Train Street is set for a revamp

Vietnamese authorities have become concerned about the street in Hanoi’s Old Quarter where trains pass through just inches away from buildings and people’s homes. Built in 1902 during French colonial rule, the highly Instagrammable street has become such a draw for selfie-taking visitors that a train was recently obliged to re-route because there were too many people on the track… [read more]

Super-rich millennials want their homes to feel like hotels

There is a change taking place in London’s super-prime residential market. While the white stucco Georgian townhouses of Mayfair and Belgravia are still highly sought after, a younger generation of global wealth is now maturing – and they have very different aspirations when it comes to owning their own London pad… [read more]

First Class vs private jet travel – which is better?

The age-old question for those who want for nothing: to fly first class in commercial, or to finally buy your own private jet? Which is better? The answer is a little more complicated than you might think… [read more]

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