Private villas have redefined the concept of vacation accommodations ever since it entered the hospitality scene. Seeing that these vacation homes offer luxuries and conveniences that other accommodation options can’t, many travellers have chosen to spend their holiday getaway in these properties. In this article, we’re listing down some of the key advantages of staying in a private villa and why you should consider booking one for your next holiday escape.

Perfect for groups

While hotels can accommodate those travelling in a group, there is no doubt that private villas can do it better. In hotels, chances are you’ll get separate rooms on different floors, which definitely limits the group’s quality time. Even spending time in common areas such as the restaurant or lobby is not advisable as you’ll be sharing these spaces with other hotel guests.

When you book a private villa, everyone is just under one roof. The rooms are close to each other and huge dining areas allow everyone to dine together. It is also likely that the cost of booking one private villa for the whole group is much more practical than having to book several rooms at a hotel or resort.

Complete exclusivity

Another perk of staying in a private villa is its exclusivity. Many vacation homes are nestled in a secluded area, allowing a sense of luxurious isolation away from the bustling crowd. Booking a private villa also means that you’ll have the property all to yourselves. This lets you and your vacation buddies enjoy the villa’s first-rate amenities such as an infinity pool, a fitness gym, a private spa room, and many more, without having to share them with strangers.

A dedicated staff

Most private villas also have dedicated staff to cater to the needs of their guests. The staff usually includes a private chef, a villa manager, and a housekeeping team. As the same team will be serving you from day one until the end of your stay, the staff members will be able to know you better and take note of your preferences, allowing them to tailor-fit their services to your needs. It eliminates the hassle of repeating instructions to different people.

Personalized experiences

Another luxury that vacation villas offer is personalized services for the most memorable experiences. If you’re looking to hold a simple event or an intimate get-together during your holiday vacation, private villas are truly the way to go. Your private chef can prepare meals according to your preferences and the villa staff can help you in setting up the perfect surprise party. Since you and your travel buddies are the only ones staying in the villa, you receive personal attention from all members of the staff, promising an extraordinary holiday experience.

Home away from home

Many private villas are designed to seamlessly combine luxurious elegance with a homey ambiance. This allows guests to revel in sophistication amidst scenic surroundings, while also enjoying an ultra-comfortable stay. As vacation homes, private villas are complete with state-of-the-art facilities such as a well-designed living area, a well-equipped kitchen, spacious dining areas, and beautifully landscaped garden areas.

Silvan Kitma is General Manager of The Private World. The Private World is a villa rentals company offering some the most top-rated luxury vacation home rentals in the world’s top tourist destinations.

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